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Collections of the FDCL – archive



Local and online research (Archiv³-Database) of over 7.000 books.



The complete collection of journals, from the 1970's until today, is listed alphabetically and ordered by country here.
Individual articles have been listed in the Archiv³-Database since 1991. Earlier articles are listed in a card index.


Press clipping archive
This archive contains approx. 200.000 press clippings, from 1973 until today (including some earlier clippings), about the Latin American countries and various other topics concerning these countries. The research in this archive is available locally. Articles are ordered chronologically and systematized by keywords (Latin America and International) in order to search for subject, country and time more easily and specifically.


Special collections/Subject folders
Subjects like Chile, armament, multicorporate enterprises, V. Centenario (1992: 500 years of Latin America), women, femicide, Zapatistas/Mexico, etc. are arranged in special collections in our local archive.
Around 80 subject folders are listed in the Archiv³-Database for online research.


Poster collection
The valuable poster collection from and about Latin America... from Argentina, Brazil, Chile to Nicaragua (Sandinistas) to the european solidarity movement can be viewed in our local archive. A digital listing for online research is being planned.


Movie archive
The FDCL-Archive has a big collection of audio-visual material. It contains several thousand movies about social and politcal subjects. The next step of our archiving procedure is for us to install this collection for local usage, to develop a special database and to add further material.




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